How to album | A little bit about the songs

My album has eleven tracks. The shortest one is less than ninety seconds. The longest is almost eleven minutes. I figured you might want to know a bit about each track to know if it is worth your while.   

Thank you:

My life got better the more grateful I became. 

Inspired by Marcus Aurelius who began his diary, “Meditations” by saying thanks. Also inspired by Shirley Manson of the band Garbage who spent five minutes thanking everyone who helped put together their live show that I saw in Dublin in 2019.

Thank you dear listener, I swear won’t take you for granted. 

In Media Res:

Literally, “in the middle of things”.

I’m at the mid point of my life. Or past that. Who knows. Doesn’t matter. No time to ruminate on that. This track is about what gives me energy and purpose. I’ll put my shoulder to the wheel, give it a little nudge.


I went to an open mic to perform. I felt nervous and afraid. A missed opportunity to perform there turned into a song here.

Unplug Me:

Is the Matrix waiting to happen to us, or are we already in it? 

I try to find why I’ve been so immersed in all the imagined orders (as explained in Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari), and how many of them are actually meaningful for me.

Grown up:

Realising that while I’m not special, my life is actually special because I get to bear witness to all your journeys.

Free in my mind:

Freedom starts with the space between my ears. And the rest will follow. Inspired by Yumi Sakugawa, I get to sit with my demons to have tea and cake. Unshackled, unbound, unchained, I’m finally free.

Bye bye bye Anxiety:

I’m so stressed to the bone, does this come from within?

Who’s this puppet master that controls my strings?

Yearning Earning Learning:

What if I got everything I wanted?

What if I got everything I needed?

What if I have enough? 

What if I am enough?

What if I can get more by giving? 

A billion seconds:

One of three love songs on the album, this one is dedicated to time. Time is all I have to call my own, and now I stop and smell flowers on paths unknown.

Message in a bottle:

A love song dedicated to all those of you trying to find their purpose. 

Make art. Tell the world your stories, they’re not secrets to be kept. You are worthy of love and praise. I see you. I am applauding you on every step of your journey. Your name will light me up, before it’s up in lights.

Pale Blue Dot:

A love song for all the life on our pale blue dot. We might be a lonely speck in the cosmic dark, though we each have a choice to bring goodness and bring light in our ephemeral lives. Acts of faith, of courage and of love can be compounded, the audacity of hope can never be discounted. 

I started with thank you. I will end with it too. I hope you enjoy the album and if what I put out there resonates with you, I’d be grateful if you shared it with people that mattered to you.